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Being an illustration teacher makes me want to draw all the time now. Which is amazing.

But I mostly just want to do all the assignments they’re doing, and treat it like a big hang out session of geeks and nerds and art lovers. But I can’t because that’s not very teacher-like, is it? So instead i’ll do what I’m supposed to do and stand there all solemn about not having my work on the wall to critique, and then critique the living daylights out of their work and trying to convince them that “its a good thing, its helping your work!”

Honestly, critiquing is my favorite part of being an illustrator, but it took me two years to realize that. If you’re my close friend, you’ve experienced my desperate email/message of “DOES THIS LOOK OKAY?!!?!” with a WIP attached of some project. Its almost addicting to have a source of opinion every week for four years, and when you graduate suddenly its like you’re alone in a desert with one prickly cactus in the far off distance. And that cactus couldn’t give a shit about your work.

Basically, I’m very nostalgic of my Montserrat days. I can honestly say i’m glad to be back, and I sincerely hope I can fit into this role as a teacher.

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